Benefits Resulting in Happier and Healthier Employees

Increase your employee participation and engagement rates with a wellness program that works!

Fitbit decrease sick leave days

Decreas sick leave days

Fitbit increase productivity

Decrease healthcare costs

Fitbit decrease healtcare cost

Increase employee productivity

Fitbit at Work

Flexible, inovative solutions to improve the health and lifestyle of your employees. It encourages employees to a more active lifestyle with an easy-to-use and integrated platform.

Fitbit dashboard

Fitness is more fun with friends and colleagues.

Fitbit is more fun with friends

Fitbit is accessible on 120+ phones, including Android, iOS and Windows— more than any other tracker. Now you can connect, share and compete when you want, with anyone you want. Explore the app

A dashboard that’s everywhere you want it.

On the go or at your desk, your Fitbit dashboard is with you all the time. See all how your team is doing, your own achievement badges, analyze charts and graphs with ease, and get instant access to the Fitbit community - all in one place.

It's fun and free.

a personal dashboard