Healthy Team BuildingTeam building

“Empower your team” 

We offer a team building programme which focuses on getting teams to perform at optimal body & mind levels. This includes psychology, coaching, nutrition and fitness that aims to boost your team's performance and health.

Nutrition EducationNutrition Education

“ Health food for thoughts”

Our eye opening nutrition education programme shows the truth about food and the impact of food in our body, mind and emotion. We offer four different modules in which employees learn, feel and experience the importance of healthy food.

Mindset changeThe Mindset Change

“Empowering people to reach the unimaginable”

We encourage employees to meet with our coaches to address lack of productivity, team relationship issues, lifestyle adjustments and burnout conditions. Our approach has proved to lead to an increase in healthy lifestyles and mindsets.

Your Health CheckHealth check

“It is all about prevention”

After answering the online health risk assessment, we will give your employees a health check up with one of our licensed doctors. These sessions range from basic to thorough, depending on the employees needs.

Fitness timeFitness Time

“It’s time to workout”

The group exercise classes provide participants with the opportunity to engage in an energy-boosting activity during the workday. You can choose classes such as yoga and pilates, among many others. Encouraging activity throughout the day is an important component when improving productivity and energy.

Nutrition coachingNutrition Coaching

“Great results, Happier people”

We know that eating the right foods to supplement your lifestyle is key. This is why dietary advice is a core component of our programme. Based on a health risk assessment and health check, our dieticians compile a nutrition programme that is correct for each individual employee and tackles problems such as lack of energy, overcoming cravings and weight loss. This, quite simply, can lead to a transformation of your workforces productivity.

Personal TrainingPersonal training

“A bespoke approach”

Our personal training solution enables employees to reach their goals with tailor made sessions. Training with our highly qualified trainers brings out the best in employees body and mind.

Wireless TrackerWireless tracker

“Small steps, Big impact”

This device provides to your employees with tools to engage in a healthier lifestyle. The Fitbit device tracks steps, distance, calories and even measures how long and how well you sleep. The online software is highly engaging and offers a variety of wellness tools.