Exclusive group classes

Exclusive Classes

Our classes are designed to provide fast results in energy, flexibility, stress reduction, fat burning and muscle tone. We customise our classes to attend the needs of your employees.

The capacity per class is strictly only up to 4 people in order to give personal attention to all our participants.

Body Shape 3.0

Cardio - Strenght - Flexibility High Intensity Toning Class

Our signature hour-long workouts include interval cardiovascular treadmill/bike/crosstrainer routines and lots of strength training utilizing free weights, TRX, Swiss balls and other equipment.

Shock the metabolism and get fast results.

PowerCore Boxing

The Powercore style uses an effective combination of boxing and core training in order to relief all the stress out the body&mind and also to blast fat and shape the body. That happens through and intensive activation of the aerobic and core system simultaneously.

*Equipment needed: boxing gloves

Meet our trainers
Ilona de Haas

Ilona de Haas

I am a personal trainer and lifestyle coach and work as fitness group classes trainer. My focus is on personal attention in my client's training sessions as well as to their nutrition. I believe that exercising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Let me help you to reach your results fast and safe. Come to my classes at INPRIME.

Samy Sidi Mabrouk

Samy Sidi Mabrouk

I am a 25 year old personal trainer and physiotherapist. My background in sports is based mostly around weightlifting, calisthenics and different martial arts, such as karate and boxing. These last few years I have built experience within the world of sports, physiotherapy and fitness. This allows me to give appropriate advice for people with injuries or health issues and help them get most out of their workout. If you are joining my class, you will be motivated and pushed to your limits!

Armin Nahvi

Armin Nahvi

I am a personal trainer with a big passion for health&fitness. My sport career started with my own journey to become fit and healthy. After my own body transformation, I decided that I wanted to help others to achieve their desired dream body. My role within INPRIME Group Classes is the Powercore Boxing classes in which I combine lots of boxing, core and aerobic exercises. Come to my classes and experience a body transformation.

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